3L Power, LLC designs power conversion systems. The company uses digital logic sophistication to bring about lower overall power conversion system costs, higher reliability, and added functionality for its own products as well as customer / client products. With a focus on power generation and renewable energy, 3L Power has helped several high-profile companies develop products that greatly exceed performance criteria of existing product portfolios and achieve cost savings in existing product lines. The company's background in software controls, power electronics product design, motor controls, and project management have resulted in a one-stop product design shop that customers can rely on.

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Christopher Cheek


Chris has over 10 years experience in the field of power electronics, and over 15 years experience leading high-tech projects. Most recently, Chris served as Director of Large Inverter Systems at Satcon Technology Corporation where he was responsible for architecting, building, and delivering utility scale photovoltaic inverter systems 1MW and larger. Prior to Satcon, he worked for a defense contractor on several unique power electronics projects, including multi mega-watt motor drives for the military. Chris also served in the Navy for five years at a joint DOD/DOE facility in Washington, DC where he was the technical lead for several nuclear reactor servicing and decommissioning projects. Chris holds bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

Peter Faill


Peter has over 25 years of experience designing and implementing digital control systems for a wide variety of systems. Most recently, he was Satcon Technology Corporation's Embedded Software Manager and Controls Architect. In this position, he lead the development and introduction of Satcon's latest digital controller which included advanced features such as Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT), real and reactive power ramping, and subcycle VAR control. Prior to Satcon, Peter designed and implemented the digital control system for a 36.5MW Permanent Magnet Motor drive system as part of the US Naval DD(x) program. Peter holds a MS degree in Physics from Tufts University, a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University, and a BA degree in Physics from Franklin & Marshall College.

Michael Datta


Mike has 7 years of experience bringing power electronics products from concept, through design, certification, and mass market launch. Most recently, he developed a low cost DC to DC string converter for the PV market at Satcon Technology Corporation. Prior to Satcon, Mike was responsible for the design of a novel dimmable LED driver platform for the next generation of LED lighting at Philips Color Kinetics. Mike holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in Photonics and Electromagnetics both from Boston University.