July 2017

3L Power completes its 25th unique PCB design featuring an interface to the 3L Power Atlas Control Board.  From motor and solar inverters, to battery chargers, to highly integrated system / plant controls, 3L Power's customers have found a wide variety of uses for 3L Power's controls suite as well as its power electronics and logic design services.  In its fifth year of operation, this milestone marks 3L Power's 25th unique product or system design using the Atlas control board, involving over 50 custom-designed circuit boards and utilizing partnerships with three contract manufacturers.

March 2015

3L Power has shipped its 150th Atlas Control Board. "Our customers continue to find new uses for the Atlas Control Board product and our embedded power electronics control technology. We owe much of our success in meeting this important milestone to the creativity of our customers and their willingness to partner with us," said Chris Cheek, 3L Power President and cofounder. Orders for the Atlas PCB have been accelerating since its introduction last year.

November 2014

Plug and Play Demo Day is a success. With help from 3L Power and several other subcontractors, the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE) successfully completes the first public installation and interconnection of its Plug and Play PV Systems. The live demonstration showed a complete, novel, rooftop PV installation in about an hour. Some of the new technology used in the demonstration included 3L Power's Synthesizer Solar Inverter.

July 2014

3L Power headquarters has successfully completed its move to a new space in West Concord. The new office has much more space for expansion, enhanced electrical facilities, and easier access. The facility improvements will allow 3L Power to offer its customers even greater benefits and capabilities. See our Contacts page to schedule your next visit.

May 2014

The U.S. Department of Energy has elected to continue the successful Plug-and-Play PV for American Homes project for a second year, and 3L Power has been selected by the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE) to continue participation in the project, funded by the SunShot Initiative. As part of the second year, Fraunhofer CSE Project, 3L Power will integrate safe, reliable, and unique power connection strategies into a 3L Power electrical inverter; further refine ground fault detection strategies; and assist with prototype system installation and commissioning. 3L Power is enthusiastic about supporting Fraunhofer CSE in this crucial part of the project, and 3L looks forward to furthering the project goals of demonstrating market-relevant, safe, and reliable photovoltaic systems that are easy to permit and install.