Atlas "Flexible Embedded Control Platform"

Advanced modern power converters demand the control of a multitude of switching elements, precisely timed switching state machines, large numbers of sensor I/O, and the computing power to implement the most complex algorithms. 3L Power's Flexible Embedded Control Platform provides all these elements in a compact 200 pin SODIMM compatible control card. The control card combines the Lattice XP2-17 FPGA and Texas Instruments Delfino TMS320C28346 on a 32 bit data bus with 8Mbit of SRAM. The Flexible Embedded Control Platform provides the perfect starting point for custom applications saving huge amounts of development time and money.

  • Up to 140 General Purpose Input / Output
  • 700k Gate FPGA
  • Integrated NVRAM
  • 300 MHz Clocking
  • Floating Point Processor
  • Starter Software and Firmware Modules Available
  • Starter Development Interface Board Available

Atlas Datasheet